Independence Day

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Open Member Meeting July 7, 2020

Details Pending. We will be attempting to plan a Socially distanced in person meeting with up to 10 people in person, with an online option as well for those who cannot attend in person, or who would like to attend, but are unable to.

Labor Day

Danbury Danbury

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Open Meeting- In Person October 6, 2020

Please join us Tuesday October 6, 2020 for our Open Meeting!   This will be an outdoor meeting at 6pm at Christine Nastasi's patio. 187 Prospect Hill Road Brewster, NY  

Autumn Hunter Pace

Tymor Equestrian Center 165 Duncan Road, Lagrangeville

Updated !!! Join us Sunday October 18, 2020 for our annual Fall Hunter Pace at Tymor Equestrian Center, located at 165 Duncan Road, LaGrangeville, NY 12540 1st place prize: Embroidered saddle pad donated by Triple Crown. Ribbons awarded for 1st-6th place, in each division. Placings are based on how close each team gets to the […]

Healthy Gut: From Head to Tail by Dr. Loos & Pavalor

This presentation will discuss the basics of equine digestive physiology, common issues that may occur in different parts of the digestive tract and why maintaining healthy gut function is critical to health and performance of horses.